Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sardinia Bass Legalize--Visions of my land (2008)

Artist-Sardinia Bass Legalize
Album-Visions of my land
Release Date-May 5, 2008
Biography-Sardinia Bass Legalize' project starts on the july 2006 after a big period full of collaborations between King Kietu and Sensitivedub. An important position for the project's creation is that of Dr Boost from 'Big Island Family' that is the vocalist of 'Tostoine Dub System' project together with King Kietu, from 1999 to 2005. 'Sardinia Bass Legalize' begins as an evolution to the 'Tostoine' project..then to grow as a new counsciousness for the sound trying to make a compare also with other bass culture on the other side by the sea .. 'Sardinia Bass Legalize' is a material instrument for the diffusion of original productions of the Crew by live sessions , web creations , net label's productions and all thanks also to strong collaborations with the dubbers, Italian sound system and more... "
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(Aquietbump is a recording label based in Southern Italy launched in 2005. Aqbmp produces multimedia foucused on trip-hop, dub, ambient, and hip-hop styles. Its all releases are freely downloadable under creative commons licenses.)

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