Friday, May 09, 2008

Lucibel Crater--The Family Album (2008)

I'm happy to be on time to post some infos about the Lucibel Crater and their first debut "The Family Album". Lucibel Crater is a Brooklyn group formed by Sarth Calhoun, Leah Coloff and Paul Chuffo. Their music is kind of one you will love at the very first sight. "The Family Album" is definitely critics-friendly and you shall not surprised to see the album high-rated in various music blogs in the following month.

They're celebrating their first release on Thursday, May 15th at Joe's Pub in NYC. Be present and show ur support for ur convenience.

Here is a short bio and some other infos about the album:

Official site-
Sample mp3s: Into the bushes / There was a time

Biography-From a basement in Brooklyn comes Lucibel Crater, Lucibel Crater's partner, and their good friend, Lucibel Crater. Along the way they lost the Lucibel with the guitar, but realized that no one would miss it 'cause they sounded so rousing and fresh.

The first ingredient comes in the form of a longhaired Lucibel, master of sounds and thump. He uses a sound design system called Kyma and is a beta tester for the friendly people of Symbolic Sound. (He claims to have invented a new kind of synthesis.) When he's not making sounds, looping, or processing sound, he plays bass and keys. He's currently touring with Lou Reed crafting sound with Kyma. He has also created music with Lou Reed for a Tai Chi DVD coming soon to a martial artist near you.

Complimenting this with a hefty dose of energy and groove is our Lucibel of the drums.He was a long time member of the punk/jazz band Gutbucket, which Modern Drummer described as, "a thrashing, squealing romp, full of shifting time signatures and punk-rock attitude." Besides creating the Rock in Lucibel Crater, this one owns a company called JoyRide Media that writes and produces music programs for public radio ranging from the music of legendary artists like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, to documentaries about Cuba's musical Diaspora.

Not just the icing on the cake, but perhaps more the Gluten, is the singing, cello playing Lucibel. A trained, conservatory graduate cellist, this Lucibel wanted more say with her melody so she started writing songs. She made a record with Adam Lasus, who recorded and produced the breakout record for Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah, and other bands such as Clem Snide, Gigolo Aunts, and Helium. That record, "Dark Sweet Heart," reached No.3 on the station KBOO in Portland, Oregon. She plays cello along with other artists around town, such as David Bowie, Michael Cerveris, and Rufus Wainwright. You can hear her playing the cello on Linda Thompson's record, "Versatile Heart."

Lucibel Crater is proud to present "The Family Album," produced by Lucibel, mixed by Bryce Goggin, and mastered by Fred Kevorkian. If music can trigger long-abandoned muscle memories, here are 10 short films from American Life. Love, lust, struggle, loneliness, paranoia fill the landscape in the portraits of "The Family Album." The layers of sound are both familiar and unsettling, created by over 20 hours of live, open improvisation and then whittled down to the essence of each player's individual sound. Lou Reed joins "At A Threadbare Funeral," adding a eulogy full of fire and brimstone. It's easy to open "The Family Album," and each time will reveal another image. Closing it might be tough.

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