Friday, October 12, 2007

The Letters Organize--Dead Rhythm Machine (2005)

Artist-The Letters Organize
Album-Dead Rhythm Machine
Release Date-Mar 22, 2005
Genre/Style-Post-Hardcore/Punk Revival

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Review-Built on an old-school hardcore platform, the Letters Organize add an element of art- punk to their ferocious debut album Dead Rhythm Machine. Frontman Brent Jay has a caustic approach that gives blasting material like "Dressed Up in Gatwick" and "They Call It Rock and Roll (And Other Lies)" a frightening and exciting edge. If it's less important what Jay's saying than how he says it, the messages still have value, from the vibrant, violent pressure-cooker ode "There's Room for One More" — which takes white-collar tensions to task — to the wry "A Book for Dummies" that takes a cheap but necessary shot at the American way. Complete with urgent, angular riffs, pummeling drumwork, and a relentless, machine-like approach, this Atlanta-based band scorches through a baker's dozen songs that are sure to please fans of abrasive, intense punk like Vaux, At the Drive-In, Refused and Scatter the Ashes.

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