Friday, October 12, 2007

Beat Happening--Jamboree (1988)

Artist-Beat Happening
Release Date-1988
Genre/Style-American Underground/Indie Rock

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Review-Beat Happening: Bret, Heather, Calvin.Additional personnel: Lee Conner (guitar).Beat Happening's second record, JAMBOREE, is a 23-minute long excursion into primitive pop at its best. Never succumbing to the easy trap of mushy sentiment, Calvin, Heather, and Bret lyrically explore everything from first love and childhood memories to Cramps-like stories of executioners, while musically they hammer away in a joyous manner at the line between amateurism and simplicity.The record contains one certified work of genius, "Indian Summer." This three-minute track is built on a foundation of light drumming and a bright guitar line, topped off by Calvin's deep, gravelly voice talking/singing about a summer crush and all the things associated with childhood vacations: croquet, Baked Alaska, walking in the rain, and, most importantly, the desire for them to continue on forever. Other standouts include "In Between," an uptempo rocker with a slashing, fuzzed-out guitar, and "Cat Walk," a calmly paced tale of the girl that got away. Elsewhere "The This Many Boyfriends Club," is a live, essentially a cappella piece recited by Calvin in an intentionally off-key voice over screeching guitar feedback. JAMBOREE is a minimalist classic that will effortlessly make you smile.

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