Friday, June 15, 2007

Will Hoge--Again Somewhere Tomorrow (2007)

Artist-Will Hoge
Album-Again Somewhere Tomorrow
Release Date-2007
Genre/Style-American-Trad-Rock Adult-Alternative-Pop/Rock


Review-WILL HOGE has a new live album -- AGAIN SOMEWHERE TOMORROW was recorded over two nights last September at Exit/In in Nashville, this live LP from Will Hoge features powerful performances of 13 songs, including songs from The Man Who Killed Love and new songs 'Sunshine Burn' and 'Southern Belle.' Most performers are willing to follow whatever formulas or procedures they think worked for others. Will Hoge epitomizes an ideal for rock musicians: free-spirited and individualistic, knowledgeable of the past but not obsessed with it, and imminently capable of bringing renewed creative energy and passion to an idiom that sometimes seems devoid of inventiveness and edge. Hoge eschews all gimmicks and incorporates the best of both the singer/songwriter genre and vintage, surging rock 'n roll. Through sharp lyricisms and strong melodies, his songs tell stories that are delivered with a passion and desperation that demand attention. 'Those who have caught his live show already know what a huge, cathartic kick a Will Hoge song can be. Those who will experience him for the first time . . . are in for a fist-pumping, hip-shaking, chorus-shouting treat. Highly recommended."

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