Friday, June 15, 2007

Paige Aufhammer--Paige Aufhammer (2006)

Artist-Paige Aufhammer
Album-Paige Aufhammer
Release Date-Apr 12, 2006


Review-Paige Aufhammer has somehow placed her soul between the digital imprints of her music. Her voice is pure, vulnerable, smooth and warm. Her poetry is beyond her 21 years; compelling and thoughtful.

Paige’s music and sound is not easily categorized. It is acoustically oriented with influences of folk, country, bluegrass, and jazz. All blended together to create a pleasing musical experience.

For Paige the world doesn’t make sense unless she can respond somehow. Songwriting and performing are among Paige’s many facets as an artist. She also paints, draws, sculpts, writes poetry, and makes jewelry. She is a quintessential artist through and through.

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yabykoko said...

Thx for introducing me this amazing artist! !!!!! ♥