Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quick Notes

These lables would like to introduce some their artists and new releases to you through CocoaMusic:

Accidental Records signed a new artist called "Setsubun Bean Unit". Blow your mind, move your feet, with Setsubun space funk treatment! The UK's most intrepid trio explores Setsubun Carnival with Japanese guest musicians and dancers, direct from Tokyo, presenting a radical electronic reworking of traditional Japanese folk and contemporary rhythm, mixed with space funk, original compositions and live Japanese Bon Dance.

Check their myspace and video on youtube above. Quite interesting...

KOCH Records is set to release the highly-anticipated new album by acclaimed hip hop artist Keith Murray. Following his successful career as both a solo artist and a member of famed hip hop group Def Squad, Murray returns to put New York back on the map with Rap-Murr-Phobia (Fear of Real Hip Hop). The album will be released on July 31st, 2007.

Check his myspace first or download a track called "WEEBLE WOBBLE" here

Short film creator, vintage synth buff, and library music aficionado Rolan Vega is at the leading edge of a new generation of Chicago artists crossing electro, pop, ambience, and experimentalism into new, forward thinking and iconoclastic forms. With a collection of vintage synths in hand Vega has produced a huge body of work, ranging from the introspective, lo-fi ambient music created for his and others' short films, to electro-pop music in his Ariisk guise. Not one to blast hundreds of demos out into the world, Vega has casually been building an intense and varied back catalogue of unreleased material, focusing on studio developments, local DIY audio-visual happenings, and synth love. Documentary is his first ever official release and will be followed by more audio-visual work as well as debut Ariisk recordings.

Check the website of label of Community Library (Strategy, Sawako,The Evolutionary Jass Band) to find more infos. Really like this cover by the way.

Aquietbump is a italian (net)label which aims to produce multimedia focused on trip-hop, dub, ambient and hip-hop styles. Their releases are all freely downloadable. They want to notify you through CocoaMusic that their new release "Memory recall" coming from "Mou" (Allternative music italian festival winner) has been out now. Check its website now. Tell your friend if you like the album.

A visitor would like to recommend a french band called "Kim Novak" to you. Check their myspace now.

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