Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Indie band coming from HongKong--My Little Airport

Artist-My Little Airport
Genre/Style-Indie Pop

Official site Myspace Lyric (English & Chinese)
Youtube: 1 /2

My Little Airport is a Hong Kong-based indie pop band. P (Lam Pang) plays the guitar and Nicole (Nicole Au Kin-ying) sings.

The band got its start while the two were students at Hong Kong Shue Yan College, writing songs in both English and Chinese. After making the top ten on Hong Kong's Cantopop-obsessed mainstream charts, My Little Airport sparked increased interest in the city's indie music scene. They established Harbour Records with four other indie bands from Hong Kong, and on it released their 2004 debut album "the ok thing to do on sunday afternoon is to toddle in the zoo." In 2006 they joined Elefant Records, hoping to gain distribution beyond Hong Kong's small indie fanbase.

The duo is also notable for their quirky song titles, often addressed to friends ("leo, are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes?", "victor, fly me to stafford") and celebrities ("gigi leung is dead", "faye wong, about your eyebrows").

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Becoz i was too nervous at that time (Released in 2005)

Note-Thanks to Olga Allsopp recommend this band to me. Going their myspace and the links of youtube first. You'll like this. Two albums are all in 128kbps, buy it if you need higher quality ones. Thanks!


Wayne said...

Interesting. Thanks!

Anemo-ne said...

i love their new song 悲傷的採購 too. after their graduation from school their vision in the songs changed lately.

Anonymous said...

re/up possible?