Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Romane Serda--Apres La Pluie (2007)

Artist-Romane Serda
Album-Apres La Pluie
Release Date-Mar 6, 2007
Genre/Style-Adult Alternative Rock/Folk

Biography- (French)

Note-Not too much information about this singer and this album in english. What i know is Romane Serda is a talented singer and this is her second album. This album was produced by Peter Glenister and all lyrics were written by her husband Renaud. Listen one song first T'Etais Pas before you decide to download the whole album.

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1 comment:

Jean Francois said...

Bonjour Lee,

Let's just say that it is generally considered that without the "pushing" of her new husband, french singer Renaud, a big star in France, probably nobody would have paid any attention to Romane.

Having said this, she's really quite enjoyable to listen to. France has produced bigger stars that could barely sing...

Best regards from Canada!