Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ka Qi She--Ri Guang Qing Cheng (2007)

Artist-Ka Qi She
Album-Ri Guang Qing Cheng
Release Date-20th April 2007
Genre/Style-Indie Electronic/Rock

Note-This album is for all chinese visitors. Someone from other places who are interested may download it too.

KaQiShe is a chinese indie rock/electronic band which is formed by two youngsters KeLi and Fly. They met at QingDao which is a coastal city located in eastern of china. They decided to form a band and named it "FLYUP". The band released a single on the internet called "Cat" in 2005 and gained many indie fans' attention. "Yi Shi Da Cheng"(a music label) gave them a contract and their first debut "Ri Guang Qing Cheng" was released under a new name "KaQiShe" on 20th last month. All 9 songs in this record are written by themselves. You can find many chinese traditioanal musical instruments were used and the beginning part of the third song is a sample of Kunqu opera. It's obvious that they still need more exercise, but this album still deserves your attention.

Download the album here or link2 (new added)


MikeShawProject said...

Link doesn't seem to be working.

Cosima said...

The link isn't working for me either.

The song is quite interesting. The vocalist reminds me of Faye Wong.

lee said...

Sorry, guys

Which file-holder do you like?

I may reupload this album if you need. Let me know, thanks~


MikeShawProject said...

I prefer sendspace, but I can use anything.

Thanks in advance.

Cosima said...

I like megaupload, but any other file-sharing site is fine really.

This is a great blog BTW, and wonderfully eclectic.