Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bandari--Emerald Valley (2007)

Album-Emerald Valley
Release Date-2007
Genre/Style-New Age

Biography-The BANDARI Orchestra consists of a group of young composers, instrumentalists and sound recording engineers.It was founded in Switzerland in 1990 and is led by Oliver Schwartz.

Deeply influenced by the beautiful Swiss wilderness of mountains and lakes that he's especially apt in portraying nature through music to produce the BANDARI signature sound that the world has come to love.

To create the clean and natural atmosphere in their music, the orchestra located a hi-tech, state-of-the-art studio in the mountains,drawing inspiration from the rustic environment around them. All Bandari albums are produced at this studio-the whole orchestra lives there from the beginning till the end of each production.

CocoaMusic Note-Bandari's quite well-known in many asian countries. The most weird part is you can't find informations about this band and their music in english. Some people said the band is quite low-pitched and does not like commercial promotion, but the others argued that the band is never founded and all this is just a fiction. Anyway, this mysterious band gave us tens of excellent albums and their music has a magic enabling the listeners to relax and be peaceful. Switzerland might be the most beautiful country on earth and i hope i have chance to go there one day. Listen one song online first before you decide to download the whole album: The Way to Heaven

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