Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Amel Larrieux--Lovely Standards (2007)

Artist-Amel Larrieux
Album-Lovely Standards
Release Date-May 22, 2007


Biography-Larrieux grew up in New York City's Greenwich Village. Her African-American mother, Brenda Dixon Gottschild, was a dance critic and professor. Her father is European-American of French, English, and Scottish descent. Larrieux was raised in a very artistic environment and was surrounded by talented and inspirational artists. Many of her influences are drawn from R&B, soul, jazz, hip-hop, and gospel with flashes of Middle Eastern, West African, and Indian ethnic styles. She has often been documented for describing her music as "Amel's music". Larrieux currently resides in New York City with her husband, Laru, and two daughters, Sanji Rei and Sky. Her forename Amel means "hope" in Arabic.

Larrieux started her music career in 1995 as half of the R&B duo Groove Theory along with Bryce Wilson. Their 1995 release Groove Theory spawned several radio hits such as "Tell Me", "Keep Trying", and "Baby Luv". The duo were also featured on successful motion picture soundtracks such as Sunset Park and Love Jones. Larrieux, pursuing a solo career, would not be involved in the duo's eventually-shelved second release The Answer. Makeda Davis would step in as lead singer until Groove Theory officially broke up in 2001.

Larrieux co-wrote and co-produced her first solo album Infinite Possibilities (US #79) along with husband Laru Larrieux under Epic Records; the album produced the minor hit "Get Up". Some tracks from the album, such as closing track "Make Me Whole", could be described as acid jazz, which is a musical genre that combines elements of jazz with soul, or funk.

Her 2004 sophomore album Bravebird (US 166#), released under the Blisslife Records label, spawned the midtempo radio single "For Real" which showcases her ablitity to utilize the whistle register,and inspired Ebony Magazine to rave about her "ethereal high-octave vocals that bring to mind Minnie Riperton."

Her third effort Morning (US#74) was released in April 2006 and features the single "Weary". It's her highest charting album to date. On May 22, Larrieux will be releasing a Jazz Standard album titled Lovely Standards.

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