Wednesday, December 27, 2006

CocoaMusic Presents--50 Best Tracks of 2006

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This is a personal compilation and I'd like name it as "CocoaMusic Presents-The 50 Best Tracks of 2006". All these tracks were published or mentioned in my site before. My choice isn't random, all songs were picked up after my deep and elaborate consideration.

However, based on my personal interest, most of tracks belong to Indie-Rock, Country , R&B and Folk genre. I hope you like this persoal "Greatest Hits". Enjoy the music and happy new year!

By the way, most of songs are copied directly from my records and they are of good quality. (192kbps-320kbps even higher)

Here is Tracklist:


Vienna Teng-Nothing Without You
Michael Chandler-Damage
The Concretes-Grey Days
I'm From Barcelona-Treehouse
The Dresden Dolls- Backstabber
The Raconteurs-Together
Basement Jaxx-Take Me Back to Your House
The knife-We Share Our Mother's Health
The Mountain Goats-Woke Up New
Califone-A Chinese Actor
Peter bjorn and john-Young Folks
Joanna Newsom-Only Skin
Barenaked Ladies-Home
Annuals-Complete or Completing
Montgomery Gentry-Redder Than That
Kaye Styles & Johnny Logan-Don't Cry
George Strait-She Told Me So
The Blow-Parentheses
Brandon Patton-Counting The Paces
Dan Wallace-Back of My Mind
Van Morrison-Till I Gain Control Again
Zero 7-futures
Nelly Furtado -All Good Things


Mew-The Zookeeper's Boy
Eric Anders-How Low and Why
Liars-The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack
Tapes 'n Tapes-Omaha
Van Hunt-The Night Is Young
Pinto-Never Leave
Cat Power-Lived in Bars
Barth-The last wig
Camera Obscura- Tears For Affairs
Scritti Politti-Cooking
Jewel-Goodbye Alice In Wonderland
TV On The Radio-Wolf Like Me
Regina Spektor-Hotel Song
Blood Meridian-In The Forest, Under the Moon
Donald Fagen-H Gang
Herbert-Something Isn't Right
Brightblack Morning Light-Everybody Daylight
The Feeling-Strange
Amos Lee-Night Train
Shawn Colvin-I'm Gone
Oneida-Up With People
Laura Gibson-Hands In Pockets
Josh Ritter-In The Dark



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