Sunday, December 31, 2006

Badgerlore--Stories for Owls (2005)

Album-Stories for Owls
Release Date-Oct 4, 2005
Label-Free Porcupine

Biography-Badgerlore is the collective effort of Rob Fisk(ex-Deerhoof, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle), Ben Chasny(Six Organs of Admittance, Comets on Fire), Tom Carter(Charalambides) and Pete Swanson(Yellow Swans). Each of these distinguished artists comes from a very different background, however in Badgerlore all their skills are focused into a very beautiful collection of sound. Operating under the Free Porcupine Society label, run by Rob Fisk, Badgerlore has so far only had two releases, Of Things to Sorrowful to be reminded of, and things too beautiful to Possess and Stories For Owls.

Badgerlore's sound is distinctive, never straying too far from contemplative, meandering psych-folk. Not one of the four pushes their particular sound upon the group, and the perfect blend of all 4 of these artists, coming from their very different background, makes Badgerlore quite an interesting listening experience. As the 4 artists all have their own projects and tours to worry about, it's never certain when or where Badgerlore will pop up next, but it's always anticipated.

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Personal Rating-Rare!



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