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Jade--Analogic (2008)

Release Date-03/2008

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Review-This is a typical tale, but one always nice to hear and to tell, that of the coming together of a bunch of music buffs in high school, that of those strummers , tinkers and sometimes brawlers, that everyone hears and knows about, who too quickly fall back into line.

This in no way applies to Remi, Franck, Lionel, Luis, and Serge. Their life beats to the heart of music. The gang of five got to work in a basement, naturally...

One thing leading to another, from groove to rock, trying to find their own way. Then come the first compositions, the first gigs and the setting up of a recording studio. It will take ten years to give life to a real project, to meet along the road those who will back up the original team (Laetitia, Jean Pierre), to find a name and above all their own tone.

In september 2002, JADE comes into the world; its first four single CD (self produced) fills the air in January 2004.

If one wanted to classify it in a defined genre, it would be considered as trip-hop. One word comes to mind when listening to these first singles: sensual. Lets just keep the trip in trip hop, and forget about the hop. Trip is the word that fits because JADE summons us to a journey, one at the heart of feelings and senses. This first CD brings together four songs similarly inspired, a slow tempo, a swaying rhythm, warm chords, a little bit of nostalgia for everyday life. All the songs are written by JADE. They are all common compositions whose inspiration and finalization can be attributed to Remi Selles, the leader of the band. The lyrics (in English, but others in French are to come) are written by Laetitia Mosca, JADE's voice. Bear in mind, in the "Seven Mondays" track, the participation of QUATUOR AYIN, a group trained in the classical tradition, whose open-mindedness, enabled JADE to set out on new musical trails.

To awaken the senses, to blow hot and cold, red and blue, such is the musical project of JADE whose seven members are currently setting up a show in which the eye's delight will add to that of the ears and where the theatrical atmosphere will underscore and highlight the musical atmosphere.

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