Sunday, March 23, 2008

The truth of the riot in Tibet

Here're two videos about the truth of the riot in Tibet these days. What i can say is don't always trust what you read on the newspaper and what you see on TV. You must admit that medias always serve the small group of people.
Most of us are just ordinary people, having ordinary even boring life. However, you shall not judge a place unless you have been there. You shall not judge a person if you have no ideas about what he/she went through.

Sometimes, i'd like to forgive people's intolerance, but not ignorance.

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Anonymous said...

on the other hand : as long as a country does not allow independent journalists into the region... smells "funny" to me...
sorry : i do not wish to believe this chinese version / it's as saying that hitler started the 2nd ww to stop communism....
werner/de bilt

Anonymous said...

There is some truth in these videos, of course. To me it is hard to distinguish what is propaganda and what not.
China is as a non-democratic state censoring the media to fit into their scheme, those trying to peacefully form an opposition face oppression, imprisonment or worse.
That makes the riots understandable from my point of view regardless of how long Tibet is already a part of China.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lee,

China, like all in this life, is the idea you have about her... and a little bit !

Be in peace.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see the other version of the story. As usual, there's always two version to every story, and another one that resembles the truth even more.

USA, Britan, Rusia and China have been imperialist powers through their history. So, the fact that one ethnic group or nation (Tibet in this particular case) is part of another bigger group depends, in my opinion, in how much they actually want to be part of that "bigger union". If they don't want to be part of a country, by a referendum o something democratic, then, great, let go and, like the first video says: "deal with that".

Oh, but China has no democratic elections or things like those! Then, well, sorry about Tibet. We will never know if they really want to be an independent state or if they like to be part of the People's Republic of China.

wilbureduke said...