Sunday, March 30, 2008

Neon Neon--Stainless Style (2008)

Artist-Neon Neon
Album-Stainless Style
Release Date-Mar 18, 2008
Genre/Style-Indie Electronic/Alternative Dance


Review-Short reviews coming from critics:

Hot Press US production whiz hires SFA mainman, perfect pastiche synth-pop ensues. As a document of its time, then, Stainless Style is remarkably successful. Taken on the base level of being an enjoyable pop album, it also triumphs handsomely.

Q Magazine [A] terrific collaboration on DeLorean's life story. [Mar 2008, p.108] 80The Guardian Detours into hip-hop and rap slow down the fast-paced action, but Neon Neon have poured as much love and attention to detail in this prototype as their hero put into his.

Urb Stainless Style is impressive for so many reasons--'Raquel,' dedicated to Miss Welch; hearing crunk meld with Italo Disco; a Yo Majesty cameo--but it’s the utter lack of irony that steals the show.

Uncut Throughout the album, it's a thrill to hear Rhys' mellifluous voice juxtaposed with the music's synthetic thrust.

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