Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hercules and Love Affair--Hercules and Love Affair (New!)

Artist-Hercules and Love Affair
Album-Hercules & Love Affair
Release Date-Mar 25, 2008
Genre/Style-Club/Dance Left-Field House


Reviews coming from the critics-
It's the big numbers, when Hegarty steps up to the microphone, that reveal Hercules And Love Affair as a project that captures not only the full range of moods on a night out on the tiles, but also the full range of human emotions from the start of a night to its end.

Lush, melancholic, gregarious, generous, both precise and a little bit unhinged--this is the most original American dance album in a long while.

Drowned In Sound
This record is as on disco and early house's dick as much as Britpop was on The Beatles' and The Kinks'.

Dusted Magazine
Hercules and Love Affair is a sincere and sumptuous stab at the mirrorball splendor of the 1970s.

New Musical Express
For now though, this is a very fine record. Not Herculean exactly, but certainly something that NME loves.

Product-buy it


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