Saturday, February 16, 2008

Aerial--The Sentinel (2007)


Album-The Sentinel
Release Date-Mar 2007
Genre/Style-Indie Rock

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Review-Aerial have been busy bees. In one year they have toured Sweden, toured Europe, supported great bands like Mono, The Bell Orchestre and Arab Strap to name a few. Released „Black rain from the bombing“ AND recorded their 2nd album „The Sentinel“. Amazing work. They have been locked up in the studio and have come out with something that is more like a symphony rock theme album than an indie/post rock album. We are beyond excited! This album is maybe one of the finest work that has been done with guitars.

Aerial says“We started making the material for "The Sentinel" directly after having recorded"Black rain from the bombing". It took aproximately a year of writing and re-writing the songs and two weeks to record them. The music on "Black rain..." has a kind of relaxed and delicate mood to it, and for this follow up we wanted to make songs that was more intense and direct. One of the many underlying themes on "Black rain from the bombing" was the meeting between man and machine/technology, the new album has inverted this theme, and focuses more on technology in itself and what it might feel like for the machine to meet organic life forms. Also a different perspective on human life/the human world in general, where "Black rain from the bombing" more focused on the shattered individual in information chaos, "The Sentinel" holds, and explores, a perspective from the ones creating and controlling the so called "chaos" that makes up the world.”

This is the album of the year if you are looking for beautiful guitar work and an album that is truly made as one whole piece of music!

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