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Katie Goes to Tokyo--Katie Goes to Tokyo (2006)

Artist-Katie Goes to Tokyo
Album-Katie Goes to Tokyo
Release Date-Apr 28, 2006

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Review-Kathrine Bergström was born in nothern town Skellefteå, Sweden. She grew up in a house full of music. Actually, it was never completely quiet. If the record-player wasn’t on, the radio was. And if the radio wasn’t on, sombody turned it on. The young Kathrine soon became best friends with the piano in the livingroom and this is where she wrote some of her first songs. And since then the songs has just kept on coming.

Even though Katie goes to Tokyo is Kathrines first album as a solo artist it’s not a debut. Her sweet and soothing voice could be heard as early as 1997 when she fronted the punkpop band Backfish. Back then the songs she wrote made Ken Stringfellow of The Posies/Big Star pack his bags and cross an ocean to produce their debut album, It’s Emilys. A couple of years later she reappeared as a member of The Wilson Hospital whose singel Call me a.s.a.p. was all over Swedish radio in the fall of 2001.

Katie goes to Tokyos self titled album was recorded in three different studios during 2004/05. Most of the work was done at The Vanishing Point, residence of producer/multi- instrumentalist Mårten Tromm. Amongst other collaborators we find Fredrik Norberg of 90’s Swedish popwonder Popsicle, renowed producer Magnus Frykberg and piano-wunderkind Erik Jansson, who also mixed the album under a hectic two day session!

The 11 Bergström penned songs on this album takes off in the singer/songwriter tradition, make a stop in the land of powerpop, takes a left thorugh the outskirts of 80’s pop and electronica and ends up in... well maybe Tokyo? American radio dj Alan Haber probably said it best ”Apart from creating delight alive around you, these songs leave you wanting more, as the greatest art does. Katie can go to Tokyo or Topanga, as long as she sings like the angel she is.”

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