Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jettie--Kites for Charity (New!)

Album-Kites for Charity
Release Date-Jan 22, 2008
Genre/Style-Indie Rock/Dream Pop


Review-By htmlMovement magazine

A band whose overseas critical acclaim has garnered press attention and fans the world over, JETTIE's sound is reminiscent to that of early REM or Scandinavian contemporaries Johan and Daryll Ann. A dark and stark, truly powerful and uplifting listen, JETTIE's brand of tortured yet anthemic pop brilliance is undeniably some of the best radio-friendly rock being made today.

Soaring like the most graceful of birds over grey clouds, JETTIE is an inspirational trip into the heavens. Having toured Europe w/ Hydra Head / Bad Taste artist LOGH and the US w/ New Atlantic and Waking Ashland on their last album, JETTIE is set to make their mark on the American public w/ "Kites For Charity" - an album that is sure to turn heads and once more focus even more attention on the amazing scene coming from Sweden's icy dark peninsula.

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maggie88 said...

Thank you! Can't wait to sample this one.

joice said...

Johan and Daryll Ann are not Scandinavian, but Dutch :-)

CresceNet said...

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ST said...

Johan and Daryll Ann are bands from The Netherlands, which is not Scandinavian.