Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Grachan Moncur III--Some Other Stuff (1964)

Artist-Grachan Moncur III
Album-Some Other Stuff
Release Date-Jul 6, 1964
Genre/Style-Free Jazz
Quality-Flac (Extremely good quality)

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Review-Grachan Moncur III was one of the top trombonists of the jazz avant-garde in the 1960s although he had only a few chances to lead his own record sessions. This 1964 set (which has been reissued on CD) was one of his finest, a quintet outing with bassist Cecil McBee, two of the members of the Miles Davis Quintet (pianist Herbie Hancock and drummer Tony Williams), and tenor saxophonist Wayne Shorter just a brief time before he joined Miles. The group performs four of Moncur's challenging originals, including "Nomadic" (which is largely a drum solo) and "The Twins," which is built off of one chord. None of the compositions caught on but the strong and very individual improvising of the young musicians is enough of a reason to acquire the advanced music.

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