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Ampop--Sail To The Moon (2006)

Album-Sail To The Moon
Release Date-2006


Review-Childhood buddies Biggi and Kjartan didn’t know they were setting forth a mission statement for their musical collaboration when they named their first song “Ampop.” But the title – a linguistic mash-up of the words “Ambient” and “Pop” – would eventually become the Reykjavik-based duo’s sonic M.O. Not to mention their band name, under which Biggi and Kjartan would go on to release two critically-acclaimed and massively successful electronic records in Iceland (2000’s “Nature is Not a Virgin” and 2003’s “Made For Market”).

After “Made For Market,” Biggi and Kjartan grew restless with their gauzey, downtempo IDM. Enlisting the help of drummer Jon Geir, the band would go on to record 2005’s “My Delusions.” Jon Geir’s happy-go-lucky personality added a new dynamic to Ampop’s approach to music resulting in an incredible departure from the hushed, Morr Music-style electro of earlier releases. Gone were the stuttering beats and the hazy synths, replaced by guitars and live drums. The album instantly went gold and the title track was chosen as the Song of the Year and the Video of the Year at the Icelandic Music Awards after becoming a huge crossover hit on radio.

Ampop were on a roll. Their 4th album was recorded in no time. "Sail to the Moon" was released in Iceland in November 2006 and is destined for gold. The title track teasingly shifts from moody atmospherics to bouncy indie pop, highlighting the band’s ability to effortlessly move between the somber and upbeat. The song has already become a huge crossover radio hit in Iceland and was followed shortly by the killer sing-along “Gets Me Down,” a rousingly optimistic track despite its title that caps out at just over the two minute mark.

Listeners of the Ras 2 (National Radio) voted “Sail to the Moon” album of the year 2006 despite only beeing on the market for 1 month last year. The album was also nominated for few awards at the Icelandic Music Awards and the FM95,7 listeners awards. Few Ampop tracks have been hitting US TV shows like; MTV´S I´m from Rolling Stone, Army Wives and Kyle XY and more coming up.

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