Friday, November 23, 2007

Prefuse 73--Preparations (2007)

Artist-Prefuse 73
Release Date-October 15, 2007

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Review-Guillermo Scott Herren is Prefuse 73 who is signed to Warp Records. His fourth album as Prefuse 73 he has certainly made a name for himself as a genius producer and prolific innovator. There's no denying 'Preparations' is original, edgy and off the wall. Some could describe it as leftfield hip hop. What is represents is compelling and truly interesting.

The tracks on this album are a Cubase wonder really. There's so much going on with bleeps, beats and samples it will take many listens to truly digest what is going on here. It's definitely a long player and way ahead of its time. You get rocked by the beats and then pacified by the ambient nature of the effects or jarred by 'Smoking Red' for example and then spaced out by 'Prog Version Slowly Crushed'. It's a true epic ride into the subtle side of production with lots of depth and originality. You cannot deny there's genius in this and you've got to respect the fact he's remaining completely himself.

It's definitely not a typical album but its fresh, invigorating and is pushing music forward. There's no songs to sing along to but there's production sounds to make you think and it's unlikely you will have heard stuff like this before. 'Preparations' is certainly a journey into the realm of sound that expands the boundaries of production and offers a new insight in to the world of sampled music.

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