Friday, November 23, 2007

New Wet Kojak--This Is the Glamorous (2003)

Artist-New Wet Kojak
Album-This Is the Glamorous
Release Date-Feb 4, 2003
Genre/Style-Indie Rock

Official site-
Online listening-Epitonic

Review-The sax of Charles Bennington dominates much of This Is the Glamorous, presented in a glossy, arty, and very pop-oriented manner that reminds one of a more flamboyant Morphine, especially when combined with the prominent basslines on tracks such as "Nothing You Can Say." However, most of the songwriting takes the melody of Goo-period Sonic Youth and adds Stax soul, but with an attitude that is far more glammy than you'd expect mopes who hang out with Bob Pollard for kicks are capable of. Other highlights include the twin cuts "Bad Things" and "Death 2 a Pop World," which come off like Barry Adamson's soundtrack work, and the last two tracks on the disc, "This Is the Glam" and "Reverse the Curse," whose glittering guitar and monotone delivery of hipster-ironic lyrics brings to mind Pop Will Eat Itself had they been pessimists.

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