Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mesa Music Consort--Spirits of the Wild (1996)

Artist-Mesa Music Consort
Album-Spirits of the Wild
Release Date-February 15, 1996
Genre/Style-Native American/Instrument/New Age
Quality-OGG file

1. Cougar Dreams
2. Spirit of the Geese
3. Rattlesnake's Medicine
4. Grandfather Crow's Joke
5. Runs Wiht Thunder Meets Two Legs
6. Ocean's Blessing
7. Wolf Woman Calls Hawk Spirit
8. Cricket's and Coyote's Desert Ritual
9. Elk's Sacred Circle
10. Frog's Healing Chant

Review-The Mesa Music Consort has been in the forefront of innovation in Native American-influenced music. The group uses various nature and animal sounds along with the Native flute and percussions to re-tell ancient Native American legends.

Visit the mythical time in Native American lore when man and animal spoke the same language. Ten compositions using various animal voices as a backdrop, feature the Native American flute, chanting and ceremonial percussion. The result is a relaxing interweaving of music and nature sounds that bring the ancient tribal legends back to life.

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