Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Joni Mitchell--Shine (2007)

Artist-Joni Mitchell
Release Date-Sep 25, 2007
Genre/Style-Singer/Songwriter Folk-Rock

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Reviews coming from critics-Entertainment Weekly: Joni Mitchell's first album of (mostly) new material in nine years is reminiscent of a chapter from the singer-songwriter's past--not her famous, acoustic balladeering Blue period but her subsequent, jazzier albums.

NOW Magazine: Shine is built around her voice and guitar (or piano) and will appeal to fans who'd rather hear yet another rendition of a familiar fave than anything experimental, which is probably why we get 'Big Yellow Taxi' (2007).

PopMatters: It’s a weird record and a beautiful record and a record that tells some great stories, even if several of those stories are about a profound disappointment with this culture and this government. Mitchell's songwriting shines brightest at such singularly poignant moments where specificity of images meets the vagaries of the instrumental arrangements, and, in the end, these and other highlights ('Bad Dreams,' 'Night of the Iguana') definitively carry the torch.

Rolling Stone: Her most nuanced new lyric details an apostate tour-bus driver's descent into a luscious sin she probably knows better than she lets on.

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