Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rainy day and Notice

Hi guys. Just want to tell u that i will be quite busy in the following month because i have to prepare my final master thesis. So maybe there won't many updates these days, but i will try my best to upload 5 to 10 albums per week.

You can subscribe my site using "Freeblitz" located in the left part of my site. Please do not forget to active ur subscription afterward.
Thanks for all ur support. Keeping warm in this coming rainy season.


Anonymous said...

wow good luck on your master thesis and thanks for still wanting to upload during these hectic times :)

paulvcarnall said...

yes,good luck indeed,and thanx 4 all the hard work on this great blog!!!
and love battle album have seen them live and they are superb!!!

Anonymous said...

never heard of battle till now, even their first song on the album impressed me :)