Monday, September 03, 2007

Galactic--From the Corner to the Block (2007)

Album-From the Corner to the Block
Release Date-Aug 21, 2007
Genre/Style-Rock/Jam Bands/Jazz-Funk

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Reviews coming from critics-

Billboard: Corner is sort of like ["Ruckus'"] older cousin, as it finds Galactic enlisting a monster guest list of MCs to rock over its densest grooves to date. You'd think the results would vary more than they do.

Rolling Stone: Their latest work is a twist--guest MCs on charging rhythms that are not quite tunes. Results vary.

Spin: Galactic complement these inspired contributions [from guest rappers] with chunky wah-wah guitars, chugging rhythms, and beats so tightly action-packed that they could be the soundtrack to a sleek Hollywoood crime frolic.

The Onion (A.V. Club): When the guests fall back on what's always worked well enough, Galactic seems to take that as a challenge, and takes enough risks to make it sound a little fresher.

PopMatters: Maybe Galactic is best as just an instrumental band, or maybe they need a new vocalist (the last one split a couple of years ago), or maybe they just need to pick more interesting hip-hop artists to work with. Any way you slice it, though, this album just isn't getting it done.

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