Monday, September 24, 2007

Animal Collective--Strawberry Jam (2007)

Artist-Animal Collective
Album-Strawberry Jam
Release Date-Sep 10, 2007
Genre/Style-Experimental Rock/Indie Rock

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Youtube-1 /2

Reviews coming from critics-

Drowned In Sound: 'Cuckoo Cuckoo' is another moment in which Animal Collective reach a new level of compositional mastery and broaden their territory.

Pitchfork: The album's second half is slightly more abstract than the catchy pop that precedes it, but these moments are tempered, causing the record to feel more focused.

Delusions of Adequacy: Due to its extreme use of repetition and electronics, it forgoes much of the curious, daydream-esque dynamic which had dominated previous Collective releases, but what has been assembled here is an astute, entrancing deconstruction of pop music. Highly and happily recommended to all.

Sputnikmusic: Animal Collective is a completely different beast on Strawberry Jam, and it’s beautiful at times, it really is.

New York Magazine: Animal Collective has evolved; its songs continue to meander and digress, but the mania seems driven by a greater sense of purpose.

Rolling Stone: The sixth album by this neocommunalist, neopsychedelic quartet improves on 2005's "Feels," flashing more shards of tune to lure the coeds with the Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart Lanterns over to their adamantly unkempt campfire.

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