Saturday, August 25, 2007

Travels--Travels (2007)

Anar is in Metal hearts.
Mona is in Victory at sea.
Anar and Mona met on tour in europe with their bands.
Anar and Mona have a garden.
Anar and Mona have almost identical bikes.
Anar and Mona love indian food very much.

They form a band called Travels and they like to introduce their debut record to you through CocoaMusic.

Check their myspace ( now. I am lucky to have previewed the whole album. What i can say is that they are really talented and this coming record deserves your attention. Here are some infos about them and this very first record.

"Travels is a Somerville (outside of Boston)-based duo made up Mona Elliott and Anar Badalov, two members of the enormously world famous money-making indie bands Victory at Sea and Metal Hearts, respectively. Travels self-released debut record comes out on October 30th.

After Metal Hearts’ and Victory at Sea’s last records were released on the same day in February 2006 (on Suicide Squeeze and Gern Blandsten records) and after playing one US show together in Buffalo, the bands decided to head to Europe for a winter of ’06 tour. After weeks spent dancing until morning, drinking thick German beer, and getting pulled over by the police (just because the bands were labeled ‘sadcore’ doesn’t mean they didn’t have fun!), Anar and Mona fell in love. Upon arriving home they moved in together and gave birth to Travels on their living room floor.

The songs on this record document everything from lost friendships, failed relationships, and a struggle with cancer, to new love, health and happiness.

There’s a three chord love song, a wall of distortion, clean doo-wop harmonies, pounding electronic drums, and a ton of talk about hearts, the sun, and traveling. Fans of Smog, Low, and Yo La Tengo might particularly like this record.

The self titled debut will be self-released on October 30th. It will be available to purchase digitally through Itunes and Emusic internationally. It will also be available through the Travels myspace site (

The first 500 physical copies are limited and have handmade covers with Mona’s (and occasionally Anar’s) artwork. There are over 50 different drawings, each individually painted. We’ll personally ship them out to anywhere in the world.

Travels will also be returning to their meeting place during January/Feb 2008 for a month-long European tour. US and CANADIAN tour dates will be confirmed upon returning.”

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