Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Somnambulants--Paper Trail (2007)

Music market promotor "Fanatic Promotion" and "Clairaudience" want to recommend a band called "The Somnambulants" and their latest release "Paper Trail" to you through CocoaMusic.

If you think you recognize the electro-pop of The Somnambulants, you're not mistaken: the title track of their last record was featured on last year's Half Nelson soundtrack. The band's heavily cinematic yet energetic and dance-friendly sound, laden with lyrical imagery and complimented by spacious production, returns here on their third release, Paper Trail. The Brooklyn-born and now San Francisco-based duo has toured with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Tracy & The Plastics, Au Revoir Simone and Asobi Seksu, but pride themselves on a more rock, blues and pop influenced electronic music than their contemporaries. Far from delivering a set of sleepwalkers, Paper Trail boasts a mix of songwriting styles all wrapped in a single synthetic wrapper, with each track as unique and memorable as the next.

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