Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Junior Senior--Hey Hey My My Yo Yo (2005)

Artist-Junior Senior
Album-Hey Hey My My Yo Yo [US Bonus Disc, 19 songs version]
Release Date-2005
Genre/Style-Dance-Pop/Indie Pop

Official site-http://www.juniorsenior.dk/

Review-Junior Senior's second album is a dour, measured affair that pits subdued instrumentation against introspective lyrics and restrained vocals. Now, you didn't believe that, did you? As with their debut, 2005's Hey Hey My My Yo Yo is a Technicolor blaze of maximalist glory packed with over-the-top vocals, nonsense lyrics, woozy performances and dance floor ready summer jams. And handclaps, you can't forget those. Jesper (Junior) Mortensen's production leaves no room for subtly which is fine because Jeppe (Senior) Laursen's vocals have none. He's a classic shouter firmly in the Fred Schneider tradition (which makes the Cindy Wilson/Kate Pierson sung Take My Time seem just right) and while the album relies as much on the guest vocals (from all three members of Le Tigre, Anne Koster and amazingly, Motown girl group the Velvelettes) as it does his, his exuberant sensibility fills the proceedings with unhinged joy. On the songs he doesn't lead, you can picture him shaking his stuff with a huge grin on his face as the tapes roll and the imaginary hits stack up. Indeed, the record is stocked with songs that should be hits; Can I Get, Get, Get (with Le Tigre's JD on vocals) is a disco ball-shiny floor filler, We R the Handclaps is the Jackson 5 on helium, I Like Music (W.O.S.B.) is wonderfully hooky, space age Northern Soul. Really, you could pick any of the eleven songs for that list of highlights, the record is that strong. There are few bands on the scene in 2007 that are filled with such light-hearted love of music and life without even a slight trace of irony or fakery. Their heavenly mix of mix of giddy silliness, pop smarts and pop culture overload makes Hey Hey My My Yo Yo a fun-filled, joyride from beginning to end. [The album's release was delayed in the U.S. for two years but fans who waited patiently were rewarded by the inclusion of a bonus disc of songs recorded in 2007. The seven tracks feature few guest musicians and no celebrity vocalists, and have a much harder, almost new wave feel to them. Despite the lack of glitzy trappings, they are uniformly excellent, hooky and fun songs that prove conclusively that the band doesn't need to indulge in kitsch-en sink productions to be great.]

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