Thursday, August 30, 2007

Earlimart--Mentor Tormentor (2007)

Album-Mentor Tormentor
Release Date-Aug 21, 2007
Genre/Style-Indie Rock/Indie Pop

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Reviews by critics-

Under The Radar: Mentor Tormentor stands as a testament to Espinoza's growth and resilience.

Los Angeles Times: Murray and co-founder Aaron Espinoza celebrate romance in tracks such as 'Answers and Questions,' but more affecting are such ruminations on vulnerability and heartbreak as the stark, propulsive 'Fakey Fake' and the electro-torchy 'Never Mind the Phone Calls.'

Pitchfork: There are still bands like Earlimart, quietly chugging away in Los Angeles and preserving the West Coast sound with a spirit that's more than just curatorial, as Mentor Tormentor elegantly shows.

Stylus Magazine: Props for being candidly happier, but as is often the case with bands with ten-plus-years of solid material, Earlimart’s newest release serves us better as an unwitting PR campaign for the rest of their oeuvre.

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