Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tom Howard--Breathe: Expressions of Praise for Solo Piano (2007)

Artist-Tom Howard
Album-Breathe: Expressions of Praise for Solo Piano
Release Date-2007
Genre/Style-Piano/New Age

Basic infos-Award winning artist Tom Howard lends his creative abilities to these instrumental arrangements of some of the most well-known Vineyard worship songs. In addition to Vineyard classics like "Draw Me Close" and "More Love, More Power", there are newer favorites like "Breathe" and "Dwell", plus 3 original interludes written and performed by this international recording artist. Great for contemplative listening or personal prayer and worship, the beauty of these piano arrangements will compliment almost any setting. Together with the companion songbook, Breathe - Piano will help pianists at many different levels learn to play these powerful songs which have inspired generations of worshipers to draw closer to God as He draws closer to them.

Note-Listening one song online first. You can choose to download the whole album if you like it: Breathe

Review-The most valuable, beneficial and personally rewarding time we spend each day is the time we set aside, one on one, with God. Very often, a key ingredient of that time is the music we use to worship and focus on Him. It is often difficult to find the right music to fit the bill for those extremely intimate and vulnerable moments of communion and love we spend with our Savior; music that does not distract us from God but rather turns our eyes to Him.

Tom Howard no doubt spends that kind of time with God for he has masterfully captured the mood in his new piano instrumental, Breathe. Drawing on some time-tested Vineyard classics (More Love More Power, Change My Heart Oh God. In the Secret...) and including some of it's more recent favorites (Hungry, Breathe, Dwell...), Tom has provided for us some wonderful "be with God" music.

Tom has three pieces scattered about in the album that he simply entitles Interlude 1, 2, and 3. These are really wonderful. They have the amazing effect, if you allow it, of drawing your heart into a state of stillness... the kind of stillness where you can "be still and know that I am God." Ps. 46:10

If you have a heart like the psalmist David, a heart that yearns and thirsts for God, this album will become a frequent companion of yours in your yearning and thirsting. Thanks, Tom, for sharing with us the fruits of your time with Him. (Review by Danny Mullins)

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