Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Silverstein--Arrivals & Departures (2007)

Album-Arrivals & Departures
Release Date-Jul 3, 2007


Review-When you think of post-hardcore, you usually think of vocalists who still screams their head off, with music that includes mostly alt rock elements. But bands like Silverstein prove that the playing field for what is considered post-hardcore has been broadened considerably — especially evidenced by their 2007 release, Arrivals & Departures. Hooking up with renowned hit-making producer Mark Trombino (who has worked with blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, and Sugarcult, among others) shows that Silverstein is looking to expand their fan base considerably, and the melodic-yet-tough tunes throughout Arrivals & Departures proves that they have accomplished their goal. In fact, on such selections as "If You Could See into My Soul" (the album's first single), it sounds like the band has two singers — a pop singer and a hardcore screamer — but it turns out it's just ol' Shane Told doing his best Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde impersonation. Refusing to align themselves completely to either hard rock or hardcore, many of the tracks feature equal amounts of each — especially the album opening "Sound of the Sun" and "Worlds Apart." While not a true hardcore album, Arrivals & Departures should help introduce this style to the pop legion.

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