Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pelle Carlberg--In a Nutshell (2007)

Artist-Pelle Carlberg
Album-In a Nutshell
Release Date-Apr 23, 2007
Genre/Style-Swedish Pop/Rock Indie-pop


Review-Reviewed by Jivemagazine.

Pelle Carlberg, former lead singer of Edson, is back with a brilliant new album. In a nutshell is full of his characteristic sharp, wry humor and heartfelt folk-pop. Carlberg writes equally catchy and intimate pop songs with an ease rarely seen since Belle & Sebastians early years. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking ”AMPLIFIER MAGAZINE It’s all too easy to relate to, making for a sobering end to a very enjoyable record. ”STYLUS MAGAZINE” Everything. Now! is an earnest pop album made to withstand, cranks, slings and arrows – and designed to dug up and truly dug by devotees of classic songcraft. ”MAGNET” What makes Carlberg’s music so fun goes beyond the humor to include the lovable way he presents his songs, blending soft guitars with mellow harmonies and romantic piano parts. Everything. Now! is a tireless album, each song as refreshing and rejuvenating as the last. ”FENSE POST ”Everything. Now! Is full of gentle, melodic, pensive pop that bands like The Smiths and The Go-Betweens did so well and Mr. Carlberg is carrying the torch for bands like those.” DAGGER MAGAZINE ”For whatever reason, records that reflect the record-maker have always been rare, and Carlberg confesses just enough to make this a beautiful, remarkably human piece of work.” HYBRID MAGAZINE” ”If more twee acts balanced wit, bile, and heart like this track does, they wouldn't bore their detractors off of so many balconies. ” PITCHFORK MEDIA Pelle Carlberg had a good, or at least exciting, 2006. He’s played for 5000 devoted fans in Indonesia, toured Europe twice, released his solo debut in most countries on earth and played sold out venues in Hong Kong and Taiwan. With the release of this lovely little album 2007 has every chance of being even better. Or, hopefully not better but only more exciting. -”If I ever get happy my songs will start to suck” Pelle Carlberg.

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