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Oh Susanna--Short stories (2007)

Artist-Oh Susanna
Album-Short stories
Release date-May 1, 2007

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Note-Sorry i can't provide the entire album or samples this time because the CD i ordered is still on the way. So nice to see her comeback form giving birth to her child. Going her myspace and buy it if you like. Nice and quiet folk songs and hope you like it. I love this recording except the cover. :)

Biography and Review-(coming from her myspace)

Short stories deliver brief but indelible journeys. A single mouthful of sublime textures, or a window cracked -- fresh and sparkling images peeking through. "Short Stories" is also the title of Oh Susanna’s latest release, an intimate series of portraits and journeys that echo the haunting sound of her debut EP. "Short Stories" s is a dramatic and compelling collection of songs inspired by both the lives of people in Oh Susanna’s family and by those recorded in 20th Century American writing. It shares personal fables of heroes and antiheroes as if through the lens of a documentary film.

"Short Stories" will seduce new listeners and reward the returning. For those who have traveled with her from one album touchstone to the next, there is both continuity and surprise. Literary and cinematic as much as musical, "Short Stories" has a natural beauty that both entertains and gives the listener room to roam. Over the last 10 years, Oh Susanna has garnered critical acclaim and loyal audiences around the world with "Oh Susanna" (2003), "Sleepy Little Sailor" (2001), "Johnstown" (1999), and EP (1997).

She grew up a Canadian with an American passport, staring at the ocean, mountains and railroad tracks through sheets of rain. She sought refuge with song under burnt-out warehouses and in darkened clubs with the promise of guitar twang and a lonesome cry. Along the way she found inspiration in the music of the likes of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, as well as peers Jim Bryson, Sarah Harmer, Neko Case, Ron Sexsmith, Fred Eaglesmith, Eliza Gilkyson, Patti Griffin, and Iris Dement. Short Stories reunites Suzie with long time band-mates Bazil Donovan (Blue Rodeo) on bass, Cam Giroux (Weeping Tile, By Divine Right) on drums, Bob Packwood (Blue Rodeo) on piano as well as the explosive talents of Luke Doucet, Justin Rutledge and Burke Carroll.

Two of the album’s key tracks are the tender ‘Pretty Face’, which is a story about soul-mates and enduring love and ‘Greyhound Bus’ which reflects upon the motherly instincts that prevail in the wake of difficult life choices. Another obvious stand out track is the epic ‘Miss Liberty’. You can almost see the credits roll up the screen as this track begs for inclusion on a soundtrack. Suzie’s story about making a new start after a period of darkness is layered over a touching string arrangement by Kevin Fox. ‘Miss Liberty’ tells the tale of one soul’s new found freedom after living someone else’s life for such a long time.

Upon the release of "Short Stories", Oh Susanna will be embarking on a cross-Canada promo tour so that she can tell you more about the album in person. She will also perform an intimate show in each of the cities that she will be visiting. More details to follow. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy "Short Stories".

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