Thursday, May 24, 2007

From LaRue to Phillip Larue

From brother and sister's christian rock duo to solo alternative singer...From LaRue to Phillip Larue. I was big fan of them when i was a boy and their recordings are still on my bookshelf now. They left the music industry years ago and i'm a little surprised to find that the brother is back.

From boy to man, many changes happened except his voice. I'm happy he never give up his music dream.

Check his myspace:

Check their old releases here
(By the way, i'm sorry there aren't much update these days. Many exams are coming and my life is on the crossroad. I feel upset when i think about the future sometimes cos too many things are uncertain and you never know what will happen next. Anyway, thanks for your support all the time. I will try to post some albums here tomorrow. )

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pi3141 said...

Best of results for your exam. Life goes on - just go with the flow.
BTW your posts are always interesting.
Many thanks