Monday, April 16, 2007

Tora Tora Big Band--Tora Tora Cult (2007)

Artist-Tora Tora Big Band
Album-Tora Tora Cult
Release Date-2007

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Biography-TORA consists of 12 musicians who play music for dancing; one idea that has progressively disappeared since Big Band music was invented. Today most of the Big Bands concentrate on traditional music that has been heard many times. TORA TORA chose another way: The arrangements and original compositions of TORA TORA are in the style of the dance grooves of today. TORA TORA is dedicated to music that is connected to jazz, popular music and world music with particular accents on african rhythms. The arrangements are oriented with elements of Afro, Arabic, Funk, Trance, Reggae and Drum´n Bass. The jazz characteristics are maintained in the arrangements so the soloists can show their best. The variety of the music of TORA TORA is added to by the 6 different nationalities of the musicians. The concerts that they have had confirm the success of the project: Take the Big Band (further than jazzclubs and concert halls)where they were in the 30´s, in the dance halls(the discotheques of today), to the bars and the jazz music, popular music and world music festivals. Music with many horns to make the people dance, interpreted by musicians of a high professional level. A unique formation of musicians in Portugal.

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