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The Rosebuds--Night of the Furies (2007)

Artist-The Rosebuds
Album-Night of the Furies
Release Date-Apr 10, 2007
Genre/Style-Indie Rock

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Biography-The Rosebuds are an indie rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. Its current members are Ivan Howard (vocals/guitar/ drums/ bass/keyboards/programming) and Kelly Crisp (vocals/keyboard/drums/guitar). Billy Alphin had played drums on the album The Rosebuds Make Out and Lee Waters played drums on the record Birds Make Good Neighbors.

Howard and Crisp met while in college in Wilmington, North Carolina. That fall, they moved to nearby Raleigh and joined with drummer Billy Alphin to form The Rosebuds. Merge Records discovered their demo in early 2003 and released The Rosebuds Make Out as a full-length debut album that October.

Following that recording, Alphin left the group and was replaced by Jonathan Bass for their 2003 touring schedule. The Rosebuds Unwind, an EP with six songs, was released in April 2005, followed by Birds Make Good Neighbors in September. The Rosebuds are now joined by Giorgio Angelini and Matt McCaughan on drums for shows and tours. According to their website, they have recently finished recording their latest album which is currently in the mixing process and should be released in April of 2007. In the premier episode of the series Dirt, in one scene the song "4-Track Love Song" off of Birds Make Good Neighbors is played in the background.

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