Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oliver Future--Pax Futura (New!)

Artist-Oliver Future
Album-Pax Futura
Release Date-July 2007
Genre/Style-Indie Rock

Official Site-http://www.myspace.com/oliverfuture and http://www.oliverfuture.com/

Biography-"Oliver Future is what the (Bristish) 80's often wished they could be. They have all the intense, sexy pomp of glam, with heavy but melodicguitars that feel composed rather than merely played. Combine these driving passions with impossibly hooky lyrics and rich production and you've got pure guitar gold." -Mike Meginnis, Splendid Ezine

"Best New Band in Austin"-Matt Dentler, Austin Chronicle

Formerly from Austin, now relocated to LA, Oliver Future have been playing kick ass shows in LA, NYC and most places in between. We play mostly The Viper Room and Spaceland and have played with quaint musical acts like Franz Ferdinand and The Arcade Fire, but sometimes play various parts each in Arthur Miller plays that we perform in our livingroom. We are looking for love... and rockets or a label but I know that's alot to ask for, so we'll just keep on myspace cuz it is far better than actually leaving the house! Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the tunes... they are free!

Note-This album is contributed by a visitor. Thanks so much.

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