Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lady Saw--Walk Out (2007)

Artist-Lady Saw
Album-Walk Out
Release Date-Apr 17, 2007

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Youtube online videos-New video "No less Than A Woman 'Infertility'" from new album.

Review-Walk Out finds Lady Saw devoting less of her album to sexually charged, aggressive music than usual and delivering a diverse effort in the style of her good friend and critical darling Tanya Stephens. Be warned, though, that she refuses to tone down her brazen "slack" tracks and earns her self-proclaimed title of "punany lyricist" with "Power of the Pum" and "Like It." These "pat-your-front woman" anthems are hard synthetic dancehall, authentically Jamaican, and unconcerned with crossing over, as is the celebratory, empowering, and trash-free highlight "Me and My Crew (The Rae)." Add the bitter "Chat to Mi Back" and you've got the usual exciting set of Lady Saw tunes, but Walk Out is a much more ambitious album. Over a smooth reggae beat, "No Less Than a Woman (Infertility)" addresses its issue head on, with Saw's own story of adoption and a sense of self-worth that's unquestionable. "I've still got so much love to give/To so much unwanted kids," she declares, and even offers "I would give anything to have a child of my own" in the same bold voice she uses when speaking of her bedroom talents. The ballad "Not the World's Prettiest" is as effective as TLC's similarly themed "Unpretty," while "You Need Me" skillfully deals with heartbreak and recalls her earlier hit "Give Me the Reason" with its fascinating country music influence. Stranger and riskier is the jaunty jazz of "Baby Dry Your Eyes," and just like everything else, it works. Coming to terms with X-rated and poignant moments living together is the listener's problem, since there's no sense that Saw sees any conflict. Just like early Prince albums, Walk Out is an exciting mix of shocking, intoxicating, daring, and sure.

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