Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Au Revoir Simone--The Bird of Music (2007)

Artist-Au Revoir Simone
Album-The Bird of Music
Release Date-Feb 19, 2007
Genre/Style-Indie Pop

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Review-The first full-length by Brooklyn's all-girl Au Revoir Simone enchants in a way the trio itself once captured best: the music is the perfect soundtrack to "exploring a secret garden at night with a flashlight," as they told British Vogue in 2006. Though that description made its way to newsstands before this album took shape — the girls were discussing earlier tracks and sessions — it holds: The Bird of Music presents dreamy, image-mad synth pop with a sparkly magic quality; it's the perfect album for contemplating unicorns to. Vocally, there's a sweetness to the songs that's nicely tempered by honesty — when Au Revoir Simone sing "You make me wanna measure stars in the backyard with a calculator and a ruler, baby," on the infectious "Stars," for instance, you believe them, even if you find the idea a little odd. Musically, they make a mountain of sound out of three keyboards and a drum machine, but it's a mountain of sound you'd never attach the word "quirky" to. Au Revoir Simone are serious if highly idiosyncratic musicians. Their album should find favor with listeners who love Stereolab and the Waitresses but don't mind a little Bananarama thrown in the mix, either.

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