Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sean Lennon--Friendly Fire (2006)

Artist-Sean Lennon
Album-Friendly Fire
Release Date-Oct 3, 2006
Genre/Style-Alternative Pop/Rock Twee-Pop Indie-Pop

Biography-As the son of John Lennon, perhaps the most beloved Beatle, and avant-garde musician Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon was a celebrity before he had even begun his recording career. That may be the reason why he didn't choose straight-ahead pop as his musical vocation, like his half-brother Julian did. Instead, he cleverly positioned himself between pop and experimental, taking his cue from such kaleidoscopic '90s multiculturists as the Beastie Boys, Beck and Cibo Matto. To many ears, his 1998 debut album, Into the Sun, had unexpectedly eclectic roots and a laid-back vibe, earning him positive critical reviews and securing a modest place in the post-alternative hierarchy.

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