Monday, January 08, 2007


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Genre/Style-Experimental/Ambient/Psychedelic(Sounds like "post-new-age")

Biography-"Saraswa is the psuedonym of the prolific multi-instrumentalist and producer, Matthew Smawfield. Born in England in 1982, he has had a remarkable life. Smawfield, 24, grew up across the world, in the Carribean, Africa, Indonesia, Fiji, spending his most formative years in India. The alias, Saraswa, is said to be inspired by Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of wisdom, art, creativity and music, clearly reflective of Smawfield’s upbringing in India. Her name literally means "the one who flows", apparently influencing Saraswa’s ethos towards the flow of music and the importance of improvisation. Instrumental, ambient, emotive and expressive. 'Such a delicate, intricate sound - it's rare to find an artist whose sound makes you stop and consider the world for a moment. Beautiful.'"

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Andy said...

Enjoying this ambient disc. Rare, too.
Nice site.
Many thanks.