Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rosie Thomas--If Songs Could Be Held (2005)

Artist-Rosie Thomas
Album-If Songs Could Be Held
Release Date-Sep 13, 2005
Label-Sub Pop
Genre/Style-Contemporary Folk/Indie Rock

Biography-Singer/songwriter Rosie Thomas has been shaping her sweet, delicate song stylings since her early childhood, but she made a name for herself when she joined Motor City dream pop band Velour 100. Thomas sang and toured with the band during the late '90s before jumping ship for a solo career. Mixing up the folk-pop of Joni Mitchell with indie sensibilities, Thomas found herself surrounded by a new scene. She and Damien Jurado dueted on "Wages of Sin" for Sub-Pop's 2001 compilation Badlands: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska as well as guested on "Parking Lot" on Jurado's Ghost of David. Thomas, however, introduced something more reflective, humorous, and intriguing on her solo debut, When We Were Small (Sub-Pop) in early 2002. When she's not making music, Thomas' comedic alter ego, a bespectacled pizza delivery girl who she's named Sheila may also appear. Her winning streak continued in late 2003 with the release of her second full-length release Only With Laughter Can You Win. If Songs Could Be Held followed in 2005.

Personal Rating-Reuploading For your request. Love it? Don't forget to go to purchase it. This lovely girl and this fablous album deserve your money.


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