Friday, December 08, 2006

The Evens--Get Evens (2006)

Artist-The Evens
Album-Get Evens
Release Date-Nov 6, 2006
Genre/Style-Indie Rock

Biography-Formed in the autumn of 2001, the Evens — Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Embrace, Fugazi) on baritone guitar and vocals and Amy Farina of the Warmers on drums and vocals — released their self-titled debut on Dischord in the spring of 2005. With a more laid-back sound than MacKaye's earlier work (outside of some tracks on Fugazi's 1999 Instrument soundtrack) and a somewhat less angular approach than the Warmers, the Evens honed their hard-to-nail-down atmospheric folk-esque sound through extensive touring. In 2004, they contributed a song ("On the Face of It") to the Protest Records website, and their song "Vowel Movement" was featured on the Washington, D.C., kids show Pancake Mountain. The band planned to spend the better part of 2005 touring the U.S.

All Music Guide Rating-80(Out of 100)
Delusions of Adequacy-80
Prefix Magazine-75
Stylus Magazine-75
Personal Rating-Recommended!



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