Friday, December 29, 2006

Arnaldo Baptista--Let It Bed (2004)

Artist-Arnaldo Baptista
Album-Let It Bed
Release Date-Dec 28, 2004
Genre/Style-Brazilian Pop/Tropicalia

Personal Rating-Recommended!

Review-After more than a decade of silence, the Brazilian rock legend Arnaldo Baptista made a surprising comeback in 2004 with this release. Even more surprising is that Let It Bed is the strongest and most consistent album that Baptista has released since the breakup of Os Mutantes in the early '70s. The bulk of the album consists of rather short, melancholic, sweet, and sincere songs, gently sung by Baptista, who also plays most of the instruments. Glimpses of Baptista's Monty Python-like humor pop up on several occasions and prevent the record from ever being depressing. There are also two very strong tracks — "Tacape" and "Cacilda" — recorded by Arnaldo in the early '80s that for some inexplicable reason were left out of the albums released by Baptista back then and instead appear here. "Tacape" is a beautiful, bittersweet piano- and voice-only composition with typically dreamy and somewhat absurd lyrics about love. "Cacilda" is a lovely Beatlesque pop song with a modern production and a rather light and catchy melody, but at the same time with a distinct and intriguing sadness (or even desperation) to it. Together, these two tracks add extra dimensions to the newly recorded material. Let It Bed is very nicely produced by John, from the popular and Mutantes-inspired pop group Pato Fu. John undoubtedly played a very important role in creating the special atmosphere of the album.


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