Wednesday, November 15, 2006

White Flight--White Flight (2006)

Artist-White Flight
Album-White Flight
Release Date-2006
Label-Range Life
Genre/Style-Indie Rock

Biography-White Flight is the solo project of Justin Roelofs, formerly of the Anniversary. This album was recorded over a year in Overland Park and Lawrence, Kansas and is described as the result of a summer Justin spent in South America which culminated in drinking the psychedelic potion Ayahuasca deep in the rain forests of Peru. Justin, like myself, is a white kid from the suburbs. Anyone who has lived in the vanilla of the suburbs might know or feel that the celebration of multiculturalism, danceable beats, psychedelic exploration and bold individuality are all things the suburbs just aren't down with. Justin got the hell out of town, headed down to Central and South America and explored all these things. This album is probably best described as what he learned from that exploration. His sound kinda reminds me of a more psych-friendly Tim Fite.

Personal Rating-Maybe you'd like to hear one or two songs online first before you decide to download the whole album. Here is a link:

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